Thelma is the gal wearing 4 inch heels at her weddings from beginning to end with no complaints, has a love-hate relationship with the color pink.  Has a slight [read huge] obsession with mac-make up.  She is head over heels for being with her family and close girlfriends.  Her happy place is enjoying a glass of wine and reading a romance novel.

A Graduate of Capital University, Thelma has been orchestrating events for more than 3 years, including planning and coordinating upscale weddings and affairs before becoming a co-founder to her own wedding & event planning company.  Her styles is chic-elegance infused with a gracefulness that her brides fall in love with.  She enjoys every aspect of weddings but her absolute favorite part of a wedding day is when the Bride turns to her with a teary smile and gives her a huge hug.  being part of the most special day in a gal’s life gives her an indescribable feeling that she just can’t get enough of.