Ava Turns One!

As so many of you know, motherhood is one of the most precious blessings God could ever bestow upon a woman. Over the past year I have learned so much while mothering this beautiful, smart, and spirited little girl. I have smiled more than ever, laughed harder than ever, been scared out of my mind more than ever, cried more than ever, and given it up to God more than ever.

My first year of motherhood was one of the most complicated yet rewarding years of my life, to say the least. If not for the love and support of my wonderful husband, our parents, family, friends, and my amazing business-sister Thelma, I do not know where I would be. No matter what, sleepless nights and all, I am so thankful for this bundle of nonstop and pure joy. She took our lives and our hearts completely by storm.

As we said goodbye to the year of “firsts” - the first diaper change, first bottle, first bath, first smile, first laugh, first kiss, first word, first tooth, and first steps, it made me so happy we were able to commemorate it with our good friend Alicia Wiley. She is one of our favorite wedding photographers, and she quickly became one of our dearest friends in this industry. She was the very first photographer to collaborate with us when we were babies in the industry. I still remember holding Brooke (who was just a hipful at the time) as we toured White Glove Rentals in preparation for our shoot, not knowing what the heck we were really doing, but doing it fearlessly nonetheless. Needless to say, for our family to share this moment with her was just… perfect. Did I mention her studio is just a beautiful as she is? Believe me, it is.

So, as we enter the 2nd year of Baby Ava’s life I pray God continues to protect her and guide her so she may grow up to be a disciple for his good will. If you know her, then you know that she is already a mini force to reckoned with, LOL. So I am excited to see what else God has in store.

Ava, sweet darling, you’ve taught me more about myself than you’ll ever know; and for you, baby girl, I am eternally thankful.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Love Mommy

p.s. - how sweet is this romper from Boho Bloomers?!


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